Your clients will come to you that they want to shoot their corporate video on 4K or even the buzzed about 8k and 16K.

You should talk them out of it immediately because 4K does not a good video make

The difference between shooting a 1080p, 2K or beyond does not truly matter for most videos. If your client wants to shoot on it anyway, here are a few things you could tell them to convince them otherwise.

Great Script

Videos, television ads, and even some of the most viral TikTok videos use scripts. The script gives you a grand vision as well as the magical little details that will help you visualize your marketing video.

And shooting a great script can be done on any number of video cameras – that have little relevance with the pixels on your screen.


Shooting video is an art. Here, the person handling the camera has to be able to grab visuals that are compelling. Every script note comes alive through the cinematography stage. 

Just as the script is important to your overall video production, the cinematography is the heart of your entire video. 

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind for video is that even if your content is muted, will the audience be able to tell what’s happening?

B-Roll is additional footage that you capture to captivate the mood of your video. If you’re going to make a marketing video about how your brand of water is the one that quenches the most thirst, you could have B-roll of the beating sunlight, vapors on concrete or the vast barren desert to make your point. Getting the right shots for your story is always more important than worrying about 4K video. 

Sound & Editing

Grab great sound on set. Check volumes. Listen for any inconsistencies or erratic sounds. Make sure you capture dialogue at the right volume and that the ambient sound stays in the background.

If you get to the editing suite and realize that your sound was off – you can attempt to capture it in ADR. 

Editing is also more important than 4K video. Grab the final version of the script, put together all your video and audio elements and begin to compile your masterpiece. Ensure smooth transitions, insert the right footage, and modulate the sound precisely to impress your clients with good storytelling.